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India Street Neighborhood Association statement of support of the India Street Public Health Center

May 11, 2016

Contact: Joe Malone, President secretaryisna@gmail.com

The India Street Neighborhood Association (ISNA) is made up of residents, property owners, businesses, and organizations that live in, conduct business in, or have an interest in advocacy for, the India Street neighborhood.

ISNA’s mission is to create and maintain a vibrant and safe neighborhood; to improve the quality of life for its residents; to support neighborhood businesses and community services; and to help low-income, elderly, and disadvantaged members of the community to thrive. Our goals are to provide a source of reliable information relevant to the neighborhood and to create a sense of community within the neighborhood while also preserving and respecting the cultural and socioeconomic diversity of its population.

Members of the association met on May 10, 2016 to discuss the current proposal by the City of Portland to cease funding and close the India Street Public Health Center. Following is a statement of the members’ collective view regarding this proposal.

"ISNA supports the Clinic and considers it an integral part of our changing neighborhood. We believe it provides successful and important delivery of critical services to a population in need. We do not believe this place poses any detriment to our neighborhood, and in fact its closure or relocation could have a negative impact on the neighborhood."

"Our mix of longtime and new residents and businesses are proud to share their neighborhood with this important city asset. There are serious commitments from volunteers at the clinic who live and work in this neighborhood who want to know that they are supported. And, many of those who work or live in our neighborhood need to know they have a safe and accepting environment available for their care, as the India Street Clinic currently provides."

"The India Street neighborhood is undergoing rapid change. The City of Portland budget is benefitting greatly from this neighborhood’s new developments and businesses. We think these new and increasing revenues should be brought to bear to support our neighborhood businesses and community services. Right now the Clinic works, and it is our hope that it will be allowed to help our community thrive without disruption of service.

The India Street Neighborhood Association brings members of the community together in a way that organizes, informs, and empowers residents, local businesses, social services and other organizations, and city representatives to form meaningful and long-term partnerships. ISNA meets on the second Tuesday of each month, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m., currently at the Honey Paw Restaurant at 84 Middle Street. These meetings are always open to the public and we encourage new friends to attend. This is a great way to find out all that is going on around India Street. We welcome anyone who lives, works, owns property or has an interest in the India Street neighborhood to become involved.

Established 10/3/2010